Essential oils are a core part of my life. I use them everyday for my well-being and they are my #1 go-to in my medicine cabinet.

I add them to smoothies and other recipes, make room sprays, bath salts and a feel good after-shower oil. I love to diffuse the oils in my office and home. (Caution: you can’t ingest all brands of essential oils, or all oils).

They help me to ward off getting sick, shift a bad mood in record time and to fall asleep with ease.

I have used and accumulated essential oils since I was young. My first aroma in a bottle was orange flower water from Florida, which my parents gave to me. I loved it. One thing that’s true is that it set the bar for me in aromas, and I have been drawn to real scents that come from real plants ever since. That is why all my personal care products contain essential oils instead of fragrances made in a lab (which often try to emulate something that is natural)!

It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I was introduced through a mentor of mine (a very special woman indeed whose name is Louise) to what is now the largest grower, distiller and distributor of essential oils in the world. Gary Young has had a huge impact in the world of essential oils, setting new standards regarding the therapeutic properties of the oils, in order to create oils that were not just good to smell, they actually retained their value after distillation – this took making his own low pressure, low heat distillers!

After I discovered these oils, I constantly compared them to what I had and found that my previously treasured oils paled in comparison. Now, Young Living is the company that I recommend to anyone interested using essential oils in their life.

Young Living Essential Oils

As a global leader in the research and development of innovative essential oil and health-related products, Young Living continues to set the pace for the industry. Using the highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils and leading-edge technology, Young Living has develops new products designed to help people of every age live healthier and happier lives.

Their unique state-of-the-art laboratory and cutting-edge production facility ensure that every Young Living product consistently leads the industry in purity, quality, and effectiveness.

Where do I find Young Living oils?

One thing I love about the company is that they are not a brick and mortar supplier, so I don’t have to depend on a local store to carry what I want. I go directly to the company. This company is made of of people like you and me, and so the only way to purchase the oils is online, or to call them. This way, you sign up and place an order any time you want. The oils are shipped directly to you. It makes it very easy.

There are two ways to do this, one is by buying at the retail price.
The other is signing up as a member, which is how the vast majority of people buy Young Living Oils. It is a one time sign-up fee (there are a few options, the minimum is quite affordable at $45), and then you get a discount on the oils. It comes with other benefits as well!

You can see the options here, along with my contact info if you have questions!

Young Living Website