Brainwave Optimization is a breakthrough technology designed for:

 1. Better Sleep

2. Stress Relief and Emotional Balance

3. Improved Memory & Recall

4. Increased Performance – Physical & Mental


Who benefits from Brainwave Optimization?

The number #1 reason why most people seek out our services here at Brain Balancing of Vermont is that they feel “stuck” in a pattern that leaves them feeling angry, depressed or anxious.

This can be the result of having a physical trauma, like a blow to the head or a fall, or an emotional experience, like a childhood trauma, or time serving in a tour of duty, or a stressful marriage.

The specific causes and reasons are many, however the underlying  feeling is the same – something just doesn’t feel right, and it’s not getting better.

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Brainwave Optimization Resources:

  1. Brain Balancing of Vermont website:
  2. Neurologist Charles Tegeler, MD at Wake Forest School of Medicine
    (at Wake Forest, Brainwave Optimization is called HIRREM – High Resolution Relational Encephalic Mirroring)
    Note: HIRREM has a different application, however, it uses the same core technology as Brainwave Optimization.
  3. Brain State Tech
  4. More about the Braintellect-2 (Home Unit)
    I keep B-2s in stock at my office. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Call me for a demo.
  5. Vimeo – search ‘Brainwave Optimization’ to watch the many testimonials
    Check out – A Clinician’s Perspective – Sung Lee, MD

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