When I did the Clean Program with Bryn I felt energetic, clear headed and pain free!  Bryn is an excellent instructor who offers a wealth of knowledge and consistent support.  She makes doing the clean program so much easier and is just a joy to be around.  She  has an on-line discussion forum which makes it very easy to access her and the others in the class.  Bryn also offers wonderful recipes and is just a total inspiration to live a clean and healthy life.  Anyone could benefit from this class, I keep going back to my notes time and time again.  Enjoy!     Cara

Ready to shake off winter?
There are many different reasons for doing a cleanse.

“This is my first cleanse + I am very interested in learning more about food + how it affects our bodies. I also want to begin a long overdue detox.
I want to have more energy!”
“Jump start “carb addiction” issue and lose weight.”

What did past participants have to say about the benefits of the cleanse?

“Increased energy, clarity and peace, more ease around meal prep.”
“lost weight, more flexible…less knee pain.”
“Reduced cravings.”
“The feeling of doing something for myself that has long term benefits.”
“Calmer, more present. More energy in the morning.”
“Reduced swelling in arthritic joints, better sleep, eliminated bloating.”
“I feel wonderful, very awake and focused, highly energetic. Calm and centered. I do feel cleansed from a cellular level………. It feels GOOD.”

What was most helpful about class?

“ Lots of information and a chance to ask questions.”
“Sharing stories + experiences + tips.”
“ The handouts, your expertise and knowledge and the class participation.”
“The sharing ‐ hearing how other people were felling the same way—having similar issues. I loved how you,
Bryn, were always relaxed + ready + present for us…..always welcoming, informative and so encouraging.”

What do you feel good having accomplished?

“I held the cleanse through a very challenging period—good proof that emotional eating isn’t necessary.”
“Getting into a good daily, healthy routine.”
“I am in control of eating and have a new tool for life.”
“ Everything is just easier. I am convinced anyone can do this if I can!”