Inner Health Resources offers products and information that support your health and spiritual well being.

I have been involved in the health field as both an educator and a Physician Assistant and have studied nutrition, shiatsu, aromatherapy and natural medicine for many years. I have worked as a Physician Assistant in women’s medicine and now feel that I have found my home as a Health Consultant, Cleanse Class leader and Biofeedback Practitioner. My office is located at Eastern View Integrative Medicine in South Burlington, VT.

My orientation is holistic — I believe there is a strong correlation between our physical symptoms, emotional state, thought patterns and spiritual life.

Brainwave Optimization

Over the last 10 years, I have been very interested in the brain as a result of being around elite level high school athletes who commonly have head injuries and concussions and having other close friends and relatives who have had strokes, head traumas or were stuck in a long term pattern of emotional stress. I started to tie together the role of neurotransmitters and nutrition, and then went on to explore ways to support the brain in healing from trauma. Through serendipity and a client, I was introduced to Brainwave Optimization and have incorporated it into my practice since 2012. I have seen many people benefit in a huge way from going through one or more series (10 sessions in 5-10 days). I think it is of primary benefit for people who have sustained some type of physical or emotional trauma, although I have also see it take people to the next level in their athletic training and even for the benefit of enhancing meditation.  I have many testimonials from clients whose lives were changed as a result of doing BWO, people who were experiencing symptoms related to seizure activity, ADD, insomnia, anxiety, depression, head trauma (both recent and decades old), post consussion syndrome, a strong childhood emotional event or long term stress. What this looks like is differentt for each person, due to the uique nature of the brain. It works very well as a tool for transformation and as a way to get back on track.
For more information: http://brainbalancingvt.com/

Essential Oils

I often use therapeutic grade Essential Oils as part of my work. These oils are naturally compatible with the human body. Essential oils have powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antitumoral, nervine and anti-infectious properties, which makes them valuable for pain relief, emotional balance, deep sleep, and for disease that involves inflammation (which most do) and infections.

Amethyst Bio-Mat and Alkaline Water

I am familiar with many different modes of natural medicine and am always on the lookout for tools that people can integrate into their everyday lives to support their healing. In my practice, I use an amethyst far infrared Bio-Mat and offer my clients alkaline ionized water. Both of these technologies have demonstrated health benefits.


Classes are a fun and engaging way to share information and to bring people together who have common goals. Throughout the year, I teach a variety of classes on my favorite areas:

  • food as medicine
  • cleansing and detox diets
  • hormonal balance
  • identifying and releasing limiting beliefs,  and
  • essential oils.